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Image upload problems


1) Remember to click “Start” next to the image you upload, you will see the green upload bar loading…..

If you are in your edit mode go to ” Upload images ” you can upload multiple images from your computer from here.

Here’s how you do it:

Now click several images one at a time with your left mouse button images will highlight then click open (bottom right of screen)  and all the images green upload bars will appear and load all the image files.

Now you can continue editing or listing.

 2) If image is to large it will load very slow heres how to fix it or speed it up.

(This is a good tip to use in any website that requires picture uploads like ebay-gumtree-carsales- etc…)

Try to change the settings on your camera so each photo is less than 1mb, anywhere up to 500kb is perfect, or once you have the picture on your computer, open with normal Paint program( its the kids paint program installed into your computer index ) “top left click resize”, type in 30 or 50… press enter image will shrink then go to “save as” name file and save.(this takes about 30 seconds to do…. You now have a quick upload shrunk image.

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